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Russian Isotope Products for Nuclear Medicine at EANM 2015

Joint exposition of Rosatom isotope complex was presented at the 28th Congress of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine that took place in Congress Center Hamburg (Germany) on October 10-14, 2015.


The exposition was organized by JSC Isotope - official distributor of Rosatom isotope products on the international market. The purpose of the exposition was to present Russian isotope products for medical use.

Moreover, during EANM 2015 the team of JSC Isotope held a series of important talks with foreign partners concerning supplies of Rosatom isotope products. In particular, there were successful talks with the leading companies at global isotope products market: Eckert&Ziegler Radiopharma, ITG (both Germany), IDB (Holland), CisBio (France), Polatom (Poland), NTP (South Africa), ANSTO (Australia), QSA Global, etc.

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