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Rosatom presented products for nuclear medicine at EANM 2019

Rosatom delegation took part in the annual congress of the European Association for Nuclear Medicine (hereinafter - EANM), which was held from October 12 to 16, 2019 in Barcelona, Spain.

At the exhibition JSC Isotope (part of Rusatom Healthcare) - the official supplier of isotope products manufactured by the Rosatom enterprises - presented production and supply opportunities of products and solutions for nuclear medicine. Among the manufacturers of such products there are enterprises as: Electrochemical Plant, Electrohimpribor Plant, INM, IPPE, Karpov IPC, SSC RIAR, Radium Institute and others.

As part of the congress, JSC Isotope team held dozens of meetings with both existing and potential customers of medical isotope products and solutions. Main consumers are manufacturers of radiopharmaceuticals, medical facilities, research institutes from Europe, Asia, North and South America and Middle East. JSC Isotope supplies geography covers more than 50 countries all over the world.

Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation unique production capacity allows to produce a full range of products for nuclear medicine that are in demand on the international markets - both radioactive (e.g. actinium-225, iodine-131, lutetium-177, molybdenum-99) and starting materials (ytterbium-176, lutetium-176, nickel-64, zinc-68). These isotopes are widely used in the treatment and diagnostics of cancer, cardiology and neuroendocrine diseases. Furthermore, one of the most important products at the moment is the gallium-68 generator, which is used to diagnose cancer tumors in PET-scanners. In Russia, it is being manufactured by the Cyclotron Co., Ltd for many years.

Today, Rosatom is the only company offering a unique product proposal for theragnostics that includes three key radioisotopes - gallium-68, actinium-225 and lutetium-177. Rosatom intends to continue providing the results of research, as well as the development of new drugs aimed at the diagnostics and treatment of the most common oncological diseases.

For reference:

The EANM Congress is one of the most significant events in the field of production and sale of products for nuclear medicine. The EANM Congress is the most popular discussion and exhibition platform among participants in the international nuclear medicine market, including specialized isotope products. In 2019 more than 6,500 people took part in the congress, most of them are leading oncologists and radiologists. The scientific part of the congress is devoted to the most relevant research and development in the field of nuclear medicine. Representatives of JSC Isotope annually take part in the scientific part of the event in order to track the most actual trends in the use of isotope products for medical purposes. On the congress venue, contracts and memoranda of cooperation are annually signed, which is an indicator of the effectiveness of the event. JSC Isotope has been participating in the EANM Congress since 2013.

EANM Association is a unique industry organization, whose members are leading technology companies, suppliers of equipment and products, whose efforts are aimed at the development of nuclear medicine all over the world. JSC Isotope is a member of this association for several years.

JSC Isotope - Joint Stock Company Isotope is a vital link that connects Russian isotope manufacturers and clients in foreign and domestic markets. JSC Isotope is the sole supplier of isotope products manufactured by ROSATOM State Corporation enterprises. Our client book holds more than 100 foreign customers in over 30 countries and more than 600 Russian companies.. www.isotop.ru.





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