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About the Company

Isotope - Regional Alliance, Joint Stock Company (Isotope JSC) is a critical bridge connecting Russian isotope manufacturers and domestic and foreign marketplaces. A sole supplier of isotope products manufactured by enterprises of ROSATOM State Corporation, Isotope JSC holds a client book of more than 170 foreign customers from over 50 countries and almost 600 companies in Russia.

65 years, we have been supplying a full-range of isotope products manufactured by fission, cyclotron, electromagnetic and gas-centrifugal technologies. Isotope JSC offers stable and radioactive isotopes, sealed radioactive sources, generators and others. We endeavor to keep diversifying our product portfolio by adding new advanced products.

We use a systematic and integrated approach to the sales of isotope products, radiation equipment, equipment for general or medical use. Supported by the company’s unique experience, this strategy allows us to achieve success in major investment projects quickly and efficiently. Customer orientation and on-time deliveries are the two cornerstones of our isotope supply business.

Isotope JSC is a dynamically developing company most flexible to respond promptly to the local and global needs within the sector. Sustainable services and efficient distribution system are our key goals and competitive advantages in gaining global leadership in isotope sales business. Our global logistics chain can support about 2,000 international deliveries per year.

Our company has a strong nuclear safety culture. It develops active cooperation with the leading international organizations aimed at reducing the threat posed by radiological materials. Since 2004, more than 250 RTGs (radioisotopic thermoelectric generators) have been safely disassembled while over 7,000 sources of Co-60 and Cs-137 moved to permanent storage areas.

Isotope JSC takes pride in its team of highly qualified professionals with unique experience. Our policy helps us meet domestic and foreign market demands while ensuring safety at all stages of product handling and service rendering. 

Isotope JSC  is an entity of ROSATOM State Corporation.

Director General of Isotope JSC is Maxim Kushnarev.