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South Korean scientists praised the level of isotope production at ECP

On the 20th of February representatives of Institute of Basic Science (IBS, The Republic of South Korea), accommodated by JSC Isotope and JSC TVEL staff, visited SC PA Electrochemical Plant (Zelenogorsk city, Krasnoyarsk region) to review conditions of stable isotope Mo-100 production.

The visit took place as a part of long-term contract, signed in December 2015 between JSC Isotope and IBS. The contract provides the supply of Mo-100 (molybdenum-100), manufactured by ECP and applied in a development of cryogenic scintillation detector within the AMoRE neutrinoless double beta decay experiment.

As noted by Kim Yeongduk, director of IBS Center for Underground Physics, the visit was aimed to audit the functioning of ECP quality management system regarding isotope production and to get acquainted with technical aspects of isotope production, its prospective opportunities. "For more than ten years we have been cooperating with Rosatom State Corporation, JSC Isotope, Electrochemical Plant and other enterprises and fully satisfied with well-established relations, - head of South Korean delegation said. - In particular, we highly estimate the quality of the molybdenum-100 produced by ECP; moreover in perspective of application of other isotopes in our Center future projects, we would like to learn more about enterprise production capabilities".

According to Mr. Yeongduk, Electrochemical Plant, in fact, is the only company in the world capable to implement the full technological cycle of molybdenum-100 production: from the separation process of the working substance in gas centrifuges to the certification of final product at ECP analytical laboratory.

During the event, main attention was paid to such important issues as enrichment process, purification and measuring chemical purity of Mo-100. The sides also discussed production and shipment schedule in 2017.

It's worth noting that the first delivery of Mo-100 within the contract took place in February 2016, isotope production continues. Next delivery is scheduled on the spring of 2017.

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