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Rosatom expands Russian-Brazilian cooperation in the field of nuclear medicine

In December JSC Isotope and The National Nuclear Energy Commission (CNEN) signed a five-year agreement for supply of isotope products produced by the enterprises of Rosatom State Corporation isotope complex.

The Agreement is a major step forward in the development of Russian-Brazilian cooperation in the field of nuclear medicine. It opens up new opportunities for sides to expand a range of supplied isotope products, both medical and industrial use.

Within the Agreement, in addition to the supplies of molybdenum-99 and iodine-131, JSC Isotope will supply lutetium-177, yttrium-90, cobalt-57, as well as radiation sources based on iridium-192 and germanium-68/gallium-68 generators.

Brazil has been using molybdenum-99 manufactured by Rosatom enterprises since 2015. For three years more than 20,000 Curie have been supplied, which allowed to carry out thousands diagnostic procedures in oncology and cardiology. Moreover, starting in 2016, the Rosatom State Corporation has been meeting Brazil needs into iodine-131 raw material that is used in the treatment and diagnosis of the thyroid gland diseases.

Through the Agreement the Brazilian side will access to the Rosatom State Corporation unique production capacities, as well as get guaranteed uninterrupted supplies of lifesaving isotopes for nuclear medicine. The Rosatom State Corporation, in turn, will strengthen its positions in Latin America.

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