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ROSATOM at the 34th Brazilian Congress of Nuclear Medicine (CBMN)

Rio de Janeiro, September 8. ROSATOM took part in the 34th Annual Brazilian Congress of Nuclear Medicine, a key event in the country's nuclear medicine which closed Monday, September 7.

This year, the Congress was held online to host, despite the difficult epidemiological situation, the largest Brazilian companies as well as representatives from the international corporations in the field of nuclear medicine.

At the Congress, ROSATOM was represented by Ivan Dybov, President of Rosatom Latin America Regional Center, who spoke on the current activities by the State Corporation in Brazil in the field of nuclear medicine. This is one of the key lines of ROSATOM's business in the country as it supplies over 50% of total radioisotopes for the benefit of nuclear medicine in Brazil. Radiopharmaceutical drugs manufactured from the Russian produced isotopes help save thousands of lives each year, contributing to the UN's sustainable development goals.

Maxim Pozdyshev, Head of Mo-99 Sales at Isotope JSC (a ROSATOM's enterprise) addressed the Congress participants with a presentation about radioisotope production by the enterprises of ROSATOM State Corporation and the ongoing cooperation with Brazil concerning supplies of medical isotope products. In particular, Maxim Pozdyshev spoke about the production and international sales of lutetium-177, the latest generation radioisotope. Today, it is one of the most promising types of radionuclide products that demonstrates excellent results in the treatment of prostate cancer. ROSATOM is one of the largest producers of lutetium-177 in the world.

Also, a ROSATOM information booth was presented at the exhibition site of the Congress dedicated to its activities in the production and supply of the radionuclide products.

Isotope JSC is the official global supplier of the products of the isotope complex of ROSATOM State Corporation and a key domestic supplier of these products. The company was founded in 1958. At present, Isotope JSC partners are over 100 foreign companies in 50 countries across the world and over 600 Russian companies which include medical institutions, industrial enterprises, and scientific organizations. The company provides a full range of services in the turnover of isotopic products for public and medical use. Go to www.isotop.ru

ROSATOM State Corporation is the only company in the world that has the resources and competencies to successfully operate along the entire nuclear energy production chain. ROSATOM has a wide range of assets, including the ones in design & engineering, construction, operation of nuclear power plants and their decommissioning, uranium mining, processing and enrichment, nuclear fuel supplies, spent fuel storage, transportation and safe reprocessing. ROSATOM is also active in the manufacturing of equipment and isotope products for nuclear medicine, scientific research, materials science, digital production, production of various nuclear and non-nuclear innovative products. ROSATOM State Corporation's strategy involves projects of low-carbon generation technologies including wind energy. Today, ROSATOM integrates over 300 enterprises and organizations employing a total of about 250,000 people.



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