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Rosatom delegation took part in the 12th International Symposium on Targeted Alpha Therapy in the Republic of South Africa, ended on March 2, 2023 in Cape Town (South Africa)

The symposium brought together more than 300 nuclear medicine professionals from medical and scientific organizations, educational institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and regulatory authorities from around the world.

The participants of the thematic sections discussed a wide range of vital issues - the results of preclinical and clinical studies of the development of radiopharmaceuticals based on alpha emitters (radioactive isotopes that makes possible the destruction of tumor cells while preserving healthy tissue as much as possible), alpha emitter production technologies, project statuses, quality, regulation and others.

At the symposium, Rosatom experts made poster presentations: "Trends in clinical trials of Ac-225-based (actinium-225) radiopharmaceuticals, the role of Rosatom" and "Ac-225 production quality assurance". Olga Walzdorf, Head of the Marketing Department at Izotop JSC (belongs to Rusatom Healthcare), spoke about Rosatom's developments based on actinium-225, as well as about promising areas of its application with Lu-177 (lutetium-177). Representatives of IPPE JSC (State Scientific Centre of the Russian Federation - Leypunsky Institute for Physics and Power Engineering, Joint-Stock Company, belongs to the scientific division of Rosatom) shared their successful experience in the optimization of production processes, which makes it possible to significantly increase isotope production. They spoke about the updated Ac-225 extraction generator system, quality control in the production of alpha emitters, as well as the quality management system that IPPE JSC adopted for the production of radioisotope products in accordance with ISO 9001.

Rosatom is the world leader in the production and supply of actinium-225 radioisotope, one of the most promising alpha-emitters combatting malignant neoplasms. Rosatom's medical radioisotope products make it possible to perform about 2.5 million diagnostic and therapeutic procedures both in Russia and abroad. The research on actinium-22 applications is underway in more than 50 medical institutions around the world, including a number of clinics in Russia.

Isotope JSC (belongs to Rusatom Healthcare) is the industry integrator in the turnover and promotion of isotope products of Rosatom companies, and also the largest supplier of radiopharmaceuticals and other isotope products to medical institutions in the Russian Federation and abroad. Isotope JSC also consolidates the industry competencies and references aimed at the development and promotion of isotope products, including radiopharmaceuticals for the needs of nuclear medicine, industry and scientific research. In 2023, the company is celebrating the 65th anniversary of its establishment. www.isotop.ru

State Scientific Centre of the Russian Federation - Leypunsky Institute for Physics and Power Engineering, Joint-Stock Company (IPPE JSC, Obninsk, Kaluga oblast) produces about 30 various radioisotope products including medical equipment, ionizing radiation sources and radioactive isotopes in the form of raw materials. The IPPE's major socially significant projects of the isotopes and radiopharmaceuticals research and production include the production of ophthalmic applicators based on ruthenium-106 and strontium-90 radionuclides for the treatment of oncological diseases of eyes and periocular region; GREN-1, a generator of rhenium-188 for repeated production of a sterile pyrogen-free solution with rhenium-188 radionuclide for the treatment of oncological and non-oncological diseases with simultaneous visualization of its distribution in the human body. www.ippe.ru

Russia is consistently developing international trade and economic relations, placing emphasis on cooperation with friendly countries. Despite external restrictions, the domestic economy is increasing its export potential, and the country supplies goods, raw materials and provides services around the world.


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