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Isotope product supplies to domestic and foreign markets

JSC Isotope is actively operating in the domestic and foreign markets and is Russia's leading exporter with a strong reputation among foreign customers. Our product portfolio includes more than 60 radioactive isotopes produced in cyclotrons, atomic reactors by irradiation of raw materials or by extraction from spent nuclear fuel, as well as hundreds of types of ionizing radiation sources and compounds tagged with radioactive isotopes.

JSC Isotope offers the following export and import services:

  1. Customs clearance of JSC Isotope's cargo (import, export, temporary import and export, re-import and re-export);
  2. Licenses registration in customs authorities of the Russian Federation;
  3. Preparation of expert reports for foreign trade operations;
  4. Consultations on radioactive cargo customs registration;
  5. Representation in customs authorities and courts of the Russian Federation under JSC Isotope external contracts.

Provision of medical institutions and industrial enterprises with isotope products

JSC Isotope offers:

  • Radioisotope products of general use, including drugs and closed sources of alpha-, beta-, gamma-, and neutron radiation;
  • Isotope products for scientific research;
  • Isotope products for medical needs, radiotherapy, diagnostics, tagged compounds for research, radioimmune analysis, radiopharmaceuticals;
  • Equipment and devices for nuclear medicine and general use;
  • Protective clothing and equipment.

JSC Isotope supplies its products to hundreds of medical institutions, including large scientific centers, such as RAMN Medical Radiological Research Center and Blokhin Oncology Research Center and also regional hospitals across Russia.

JSC Isotope is the largest supplier of short-lived isotopes' generators, RIA kits, radiopharmaceuticals and sources of ionizing radiation. We are now working on creating a modern hi-tech facility to produce Technetium-99 generators used for radioisotope diagnostics in accordance with GMP quality control system. It is an opportunity not only to meet the needs of the national healthcare system but also to expand the international market by offering modern design and guaranteed quality generators.

Iodine-131 is the isotope most frequently used for treatment of non-malignant thyroid tumors. A wealth of experience of bone metastases palliative treatment using Sr-89, P-32, Sn-117m, Sm-153 has been gained.

Radionuclide diagnostics plays an important role in different areas of clinical medicine: cardiology, oncology, neurology, pulmonology etc. Despite the wide choice of radionuclides that can be used, most of the diagnostics use Tc-99m. However, I-123, Tl-201, I-131 and Ga-67 are also used.

Radioisotope products for general use

JSC Isotope is the largest supplier of radioisotope products for industrial use in both domestic and foreign markets. For more than 55 years our company has been supplying sources of ionizing radiation to large facilities and institutions in Russia and the neighbouring states.

Artificial and natural radioactive isotopes are used in industry for exercising analysis and control. More than 10,000 research and industrial institutions in Russia use radioactive isotopes. Radioactive isotopes have greatly expanded the potential of scientific experiments and are used in different industries.

The use of radioactive isotopes

  • Metallurgy (devices for rolled metals thickness measuring based on β- and γ- active isotopes, radioisotope instruments for regulating liquid level, etc.);
  • Chemical industry;
  • Mining industry;
  • Construction industry;
  • Instrument manufacturing;
  • Coal industry (using radioisotope instruments to control and regulate skip units, to control the bottom level in coal and rock bins, etc.);
  • Mechanical engineering (use of different radioactive instruments);
  • Shipbuilding (use of gamma defectoscopy method for non-destructive control of materials and products of complex configurations, especially at hard-to-reach sites);
  • Textile industry (use of radioactive isotopes to control the fibrous layers mass, use of radioisotope neutralizers);
  • Cellulose and paper production industry (use of radioisotope devices to control the thickness of paper and carton fibers, use of radioisotope neutralizers);
  • Photo and film manufacturing industry (use of radioisotope neutralizers);
  • Food manufacturing industry (irradiation of foods to prolong their shelf life, measuring artificial color concentrations using radioisotope instruments);
  • Agriculture (use of gamma ray units in preparatory, irradiation of seeds to increase productivity, use of radioisotope instruments to examine soil pollution, use of different instruments containing sources of ionizing radiation to measure soil humidity, to assess the transport of moisture and salts in soil, etc.);
  • Nuclear geophysics (use of isotopes in geological studies and in practical applications related to mineral deposit prospecting and recycling, oil- and gas prospecting, etc.).