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Cobalt-60 (Co-60)

Isotope JSC has been successfully supplying Co-60 sealed radioactive sources manufactured by FSUE «PA «MAYAK». It is one of the world largest isotope products manufacturers which is working on radioactive materials market since 1948. Its key type of Co-60 sealed source is GIK-A6.

GIK-A6 Co-60 source

Source type: GIK-A6, encapsulated steel pencil

Producer: FSUE «PA «MAYAK»

Activity range: 8000 - 12000 Ci 

Dimentions: 11,1 mm in diameter; 451,6 mm in length

Material: Stainless steel

Product characteristics 

  • Complies with the absolute majority of irradiation centers that use Co-60 sources for:

        - sterilization of food and medical products,

        - sewage and waste treatment, decontamination,

        - modification of polymers' characteristics,

        - gamma-ray flaw detection.

  • Meets the following standards:

1. ISO 9978: 1992;

2. ISO 2919: 65546;

3. IAEA regulations for the safe transport of radioactive materials.

  • Certified as special form material;
  • Leak tested (vacuum bubble and helium pressurization tests);
  • 20-year warranty.


  • Supplied to the following regions:

           - Europe,          

           - Southeast Asia,

           - Latin America,

           - Middle East.

  • Full scope of installation services (including optimization for dose uniformity);
  • Certified container fleet;
  • Return of used GIK-A6 and RSL-2089 sources produced in Russia.


Isotope JSC guarantees stable and prompt supplies. The company has outstanding expertise and competence in this sphere. We use a world class distribution system that includes a unique software-based order management system. Due to carefully managed logistics all products reach their destination on time.

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Isotope JSC smart policy helps to ensure safety at all stages of dealing with products and service provisioning.

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