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Cesium-137 (Cs-137)


Cs-137 gamm-sources are widely applied in construction for level gauging, including monitoring of process fluids without making physical contact with package contents; for thickness gauging, including measurement of plastics, rubber, glass and light alloys for which beta sources are not suitable; for flow gauging. JSC Isotope supplies Cs-137 sources of the Russian design. There is a wide variety of standard designs and activities.


Material: Stainless steel

Radioactive components are made from glass matrix or other non-soluble and dispersion-resistant materials or from cesium chloride (CsCl) where it is required to achieve the necessary performance and where it is accepted as a suitable material.

Technical advantages

Cs-137 sources have a recommended 7-year service life.

The radioactive content and radiation output measurements stated in the product certification are traceable to national standards.


JSC Isotope is ready to supply you with Cs-137 sourses. We represent Russian isotope products manufacturers that have unique technical expertise and production capacities. We cooperate with ROSATOM State Corporation enterprices and guarantee high quality of supplied products. Our client-oriented approach has made JSC Isotope one of the leaders in global isotope sales market.

JSC Isotope has a world class distribution system that includes a unique software-based order management system. Due to carefully managed logistics we ensure on time delivery of all our products.

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