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Uranium-234 (U-234)

Uranium-234 (U-234)
Half-Life: 2,4×10(in 5th degree) years

Radioisotope U-234 is extracted from the long-decayed Pu-238 as a daughter decay product. It is applied in neutron detectors and it is also used for scientific research. JSC Isotope supplies U-234  manufactured in Russia in accordance with the requirements of Quality Assurance System - ISO-9001-2001 standards.


U-234 is delivered in glass vials sealed with rubber stoppers and crimped aluminum caps; the vials are packed in Type A packages.

JSC Isotope is ready to supply you with U-234. We represent Russian isotope products manufacturers that have unique technical expertise and production capabilities. We cooperate with ROSATOM State Corporation enterprises and guarantee high quality of supplied products. Our client-oriented approach has made JSC Isotope one of the leaders in global isotope sales market.

JSC Isotope has a world class distribution system that includes a unique software-based order management system. Due to carefully managed logistics we ensure on time delivery of all our products.

Your personal manager: Konstantin Ershov
E-mail: KSErshov@isotop.ru
Tel.: +7 (495) 981-96-16 (ext. 230)

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