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Technetium-99m (Mo-99/Tc-99m)


Technetium-99m is the decay product of radionuclide Molybdenum-99. It is widely used in modern nuclear medicine for malignant tumors therapy.Tc-99m is a perfect imaging agent due to its short half-life (6 hours) and its emitted energy (140 keV).

Isotope JSC offers its services in delivering Technetium-99m generators. The quality of eluate in our generators is superb, since the percantage of inactive impurities in them is 5 times lower than that found in the competitor products. Our Technetium-99m generators are delivered to hospitals completely ready for service. They are effective and convenient in usage.


Manufacturing enterprise: Karpov IPC, JSC.
Parent isotope's activity: 4; 6; 8; 11; 19 GBq.
Generator's weight: 15 kg (without package).
Lifetime: 15 days.

Application areas

Technetium-99m generator is designed for multiple production of sterile pyrogen-free sodium pertechnetate in isotonic sodium chloride (0,9% NaCl) solution. Sodium pertechnetate is injected into the human body during scintigraphy of stomach, brain, thyroid and salivary glands, during radionuclide angiocardiography and ventriculography, as well as for producing radiopharmaceuticals based on the sets of corresponding reagents used in diagnosis of lungs, bones, kidneys and liver.


Isotope JSC has a well-established distribution channels that allow to manage carefully logistics and ensure on time delivery of all our products.


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