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The last Radioisotope thermoelectric generator

Survey of radioisotope thermoelectric generator (RTG), who worked on nuclear fuel and was used in the Soviet time as a power supply in paragraphs navigation support navigation along the route Sevporput', performed on Wrangel Island group of Russian scientists and specialists. As the director of the State Nature Reserve "Wrangel Island" Alexander Gruzdev, flying Mi-8 helicopter on the island was made ​​on Wednesday 16 May.

The Organizing Committee of the Global Cancer forum thanked JSC Isotope

The best employees of JSC Isotope were determined

7 experts was selected, the winners in seven categories. Jurors consider the professional and personal qualities of employees, their achievements, experiences, recognition of clients, partners, colleagues and management.

The First International Business Conference for Producers, Suppliers and Consumers of Isotope Products will be held in autumn of 2012 in Moscow

The topic of discussion will be the most relevant problems of isotope industry including market expansion and creation of suitable price conditions.

The second stage of the Project for establishing industrial production of molybdene-99 has started

In February 2012 the second stage of the Presidential Project for establishing industrial production of molybdene-99 on the base of Institute of Atomic Reactors in Dimitrovograd (SSC NIIAR plc) has started.

Participants of the 7th International Conference on Isotopes have visited the first NPP in the world in Obninsk

The event was organized as part of a technical tour to the Institute

The Seventh International Conference on Isotopes has finished

More than 600 people visited The Seventh International Conference on Isotopes in Moscow

Nuclear medicine: a rescue from cancer

It was considered at a panel discussion "PET center concept and perspectives of PET diagnostics development in Russia" held within the frames of the 7th ICI

Mikhail Batkov: The programme for development of nuclear medicine in Russia may be confirmed in the beginning of December 2011

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Sergey Kirienko: Our goal is to create a nuclear medicine cluster in Russia

The speech of Rosatom’s Director General at the 7th ICI