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Parrish Staples: Russian isotope industry has a tremendous growth potential

Parrish Staples, Director of the Office of European and African Threat Reduction of the US Department of Energy

Andre Demel: Russian isotope market is one of the biggest in the world

Andre Demel, commercial director of Philips Healthcare

Henri Bonet, Director of the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre

Henri Bonet about the 7th ICI

TVC Reporters visited the Research Institute of Atomic Reactors

Press tour for mass media working at the 7th ICI

The 7th International Conference on Isotopes has started working

The elite of the world isotope industry has gathered in Moscow

Channel 5 on the 7th ICI

Accreditation of mass media for the 7th International Conference on Isotopes has finished

Key federal and foreign mass media have been accredited to attend the Conference

The opening ceremony of the 7th International Conference on Isotopes will be held on the 5th of September of 2011

Official press release on the Conference

Mira Venkatesh: Rosatom makes the right steps in development of the isotope market

Alexander Bychkov: global trends of the isotope industry development

Announcement for the most interesting reports made at the Conference