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RSNA 2012

Representatives from Radiation Technology Program will visit the Conference of Radiological Society of North America in Chicago – RSNA 2012

October 2012 became the month of international communication for Radiation technologies program

Geographic expansion is one of the priorities of radiation technologies program SC «Rosatom» which reached the highest level in October this year.

The representatives of Radiation technologies program have made a report on the 10th Symposium devoted to radiation processing of polymers (IRaP) in Krakov (Poland).

The event was organized by the radiation research fund (Lodz), the Institution of applied radiation chemistry (Lodz) and the Institution of nuclear chemistry and technologies (Warsaw) with a support of IAEA. «United Corporation for Innovations» («Radiation Technologies» Program) became a «gold» partner of the past symposium.

IAEA technical meeting in Vienna

The technical meeting on Mo-99 production matters in the light of world transition tendencies from highly enriched uranium to low-enriched uranium was held on November 6, 7 in the headquarter of IAEA in Vienna (Austria).

Malaysia Nuclear Energy Agency initiated meeting with the Radiation Technology Program, SC "Rosatom".

Within the framework of 1 International Business Conference of producers, suppliers and consumers of isotope production was a business meeting of representatives of "Rosatom" with the leadership of the Nuclear Energy Agency of Malaysia.

B. Akakiev: Market size of isotope production will rise to US $ 8 billion by 2017

The global market of isotope production in 2017 will reach about US $ 8 billion with an average annual growth rate of 10.4%.

Round table discussion on radiation technology completed its work in Seoul

July 2, 2012 in Seoul (Republic of Korea) finishes a round table on radiation technology.

JSC Isotope congratulated the plant of radioactive isotopes PA «Mayak» with anniversary

Commissioning of the second Mo-99 production line in RIAR will begin in the end of June

Initial testing on the second stage of the production of molybdenum-99 at the site in Dimitrovgrad planned for late June.

Mikhail Lavrentiev will present the report on Mo-99 production at the International Forum "Atomexpo 2012".